Lost God

You have been exiled to the forest of God, a sacrifice that will let you atone for past sins. On this journey, you will have to fight the twisted creations that inhabit this land, find ancient artefacts to empower you, explore trap-ridden dungeons and uncover the forgotten history of the world on your journey to find the lost god below.

The World

With Lost God our goal is to create an interesting and colorful world; a place that holds many secrets to discover, with beautiful areas to explore. From the vibrant, lush forest where strange mutated creatures live amongst overgrown ruins, to the dark tunnels that lead the player deeper down into the ruined complexes below. Here the surroundings slowly shift into something very different and reveals another side to the world, hidden away from most...

The Game

When designing the gameplay of Lost God we focused on two aspects, exploration and combat.

We want to build the world so that exploring and hunting for secrets are both fun and rewarding to the player. Secrets are hidden everyhere!

In Lost God the player has many tools at their disposal. You can find many different weapons and items, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. It is important to select the right equipment for each challenge.